Final Declaration


24TH-26TH August 2016 / Kütahya




In the “Reflections of 15 July Coup Attempt In Islamic Geography” themed international conference between 24-26 August 2016 under the auspices of Kütahya Governorship, hosted by Dumlupınar University, with the contributions of Kütahya Municipality, Kütahya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tavşanlı Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gediz Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Simav Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kütahya Commodity Exchange, NG Kütahya and İstanbul Medeniyet University, all participants shared their knowledge, experience and opinions for 3 days at 14 sessions, closed round-table meetings and an evaluation session.

The Final Declaration reflecting the common conviction of this International Conference involving 52 participants from 33 countries is as follows:


  1. That the way that 15 July coup attempt was failed is perceived as a role model in hereinafter failing all attempts having been staged over Islamic countries since the start of 21st century, destructive and mostly foreign-rooted,
  2. That atmosphere occurring after 15 July is significant not only for Turkey but also for the unity, and future of the whole Islamic World and so needs to be sustained,
  3. That not only the whole Turkey but also the whole Islamic World in their own countries, as understood clearly from the expressions of the participants, showed their reactions to the treacherous coup attempt on 15 July all night long and rejoiced when they learned coup plotters had been pulverized,
  4. That the Western Media haven’t able to convince the Islamic World with their publishing, broadcast and propagandas claiming that they had nothing to do with 15 July coup attempt of Gulenist Terror Organisation (FETÖ/PDY),
  5. That the actual face of this terror organisation, having been active in different areas in all Islamic countries and the geography where Muslim minorities live for the last two decades, was understood precisely through 15 July coup attempt,
  6. That this FETÖ Terror Organisation, which capitalized on the credit and reputation Turkey had been earning in the international arena for the last fifteen years till the coup attempt, will no longer be taken into consideration,   
  7. That the influence this terror organisation maintained over statesmen, business world, academics and nongovernmental organizations in the countries where they acted in various areas like education, economy, culture and health thanks to exploiting the good will of Turkish people with their claims to serve in the name of religion is totally a deception, 
  8. The fact that FETÖ Terror Organisation in fact acted upon the arriere pensee of global power groups literally came to light with 15 July coup attempt. That this fact has been acknowledged inarguably in Islamic countries and this needs to be conveyed to all walks of life through conferences, printed and visual media,
  9. That it has been declared to the whole world clearly that contrary to the expectations of the coup platters, 15 July coup attempt  interlocked everyone in every segment in Turkey

have been emphasized clearly and in certain terms.



  1. That, after this failed coup attempt, all negative traces of FETÖ Terror Organisation, which had turned into interest an network of  global powers, like treachery, corruption and violation of rights both in Turkey and in all the Islamic countries should be removed,
  2. That direct amicable relations between Turkey and Islamic countries should be established without any intermediaries and this should be           institutionalized,
  3. That reflections of this process from the early hours of the failed coup attempt in the world public opinion should be determined accurately and conveyed to Islamic countries instantly through printed and visual media,
  4. That a committee should be set up immediately to tell what was experienced within the process of 15 July coup attempt to Islamic countries and world public opinion,
  5. That    all activities of subversive and separatist evil centres in Islamic countries should be monitored carefully and a proactive policy should be followed,
  6. That dynamics of Muslim diasporas like Eastern Turkestan, Meskhetian, Philistine, Somali, Central Africa and Syria should be utilised to explain accurately the 15 July process to the public opinion of the countries where Muslim minorities live,
  7. That opinions and experience of the intellectuals and influential persons around the world who have been pursuing their struggle firmly and determinedly against FETÖ Terror Organisation for years should be utilised, 
  8. That symposiums, congresses, exhibitions, etc. on democracy and human rights of the oppressed people should be traditionalised in Turkey and in different countries especially on the anniversaries of this failed coup attempt to keep the spirit of 15 July alive,
  9. That The Turkish Maarif Foundation should be activated in no time and this foundation should undertake all the education activities abroad in cooperation with such governmental bodies like MEB, Directorate of Religious Affairs, YÖK, TİKA, YTB and Yunus Emre Institute,
  10. That any overt or secret attempt to destroy 15 July spirit of unity  should be prevented,
  11. That a diverse interactive network should be established and activated from academics to business and from politics to arts considering the inadequacy of telling the 15 July process through diplomatic channels,
  12. That communication between Islamic countries should be maintained in haste and any activity for this purpose should be institutionalized by finding those expert and efficient persons who can speak and write the required languages together with Turkish

have been proposed and respectfully announced to the public.


p.p. the Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Remzi GÖREN



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